About Me

Nov. 1, 2015

Probiotic Mom logoHi everyone, my name is Alicia. You’re on this page because you want to know a little bit about me. So, to get straight to the point, I’m  a stay at home mom. However, I do have a B.S. in Health Science. I started this site because I want to share how I was able to cure most of my son’s multiple food allergies. I did this primarily through the use of Lactobacillus probiotics. My hope is that our story will help others fight this growing food allergy pandemic.

Why do I say pandemic? Well, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but the number of people with food allergies is really getting out of control. You see, according to FARE  the alarming truth is, the number of kids with food allergies increased approximately 50% between 1997 and 2011. This isn’t about sensitivity to foods such as having lactose intolerance. We’re talking real food allergies with serious allergic reactions like Inflammation, Skin rashes, Anaphylaxis, etc. I mean, you know it’s bad when schools and daycares will no longer allow children to bring peanuts on the premises. -And this is an issue all around the world. So yeah, pandemic it is.

Anyway, more about me.  When you realize that your child has a food allergy (God help us who have kids with multiple) it’s easy to become stressed and worried; I know it was for me and my husband. The doctors literally had no answers for us. We found out our 2 yr old son was allergic to more than 7 different food types. I know they meant well, but they’re quick fix was suggesting we give him antihistamines and avoid problem foods which honestly just made JR worse. Fortunately, unlike most parents who have kids with food allergies, I was able to help my son get rid of almost all of his.

Below, I tell the short version of our ongoing story. You can read the full story here. Feel free to ask questions and leave helpful comments for others to read under the full story. If your comments are negative/rude or off topic, they won’t be approved. If you ask a question, I’ll try to get back to you in a timely manner. Please keep in mind that I am a full time stay at home mom and I do a lot of freelance work. So forgive me in advance if I don’t respond as soon as you would like.

The Food Allergy Scare…

My son, JR never had a food allergy until recently took a prescribed 10 day dose of antibiotics (Amoxicillin). After taking the prescription, he was suddenly allergic to a load of foods. His allergies specifically included Dairy, Gluten, Peanuts, Corn, Eggs, Soybean and Sesame seed. Although not tested for fruit and veggie sensitivity, he also had reactions to most fruits and vegetables. Dairy had the highest Ige number being 7. JRs symptoms included scratching vigorously every time he ate, a swollen red tongue, swollen lips and face, and dark blue/black skin lips. His reactions were so bad that he was prescribed an Epi Pen Jr.

How Probiotics Helped Cure My Son…

After spending loads of money dealing with this issue, worrying until I was literally sick (lost weight, hair, sleep, etc.) And researching like I work for the NIH, My husband and I began giving JR probiotic supplements. If you’re not familiar with probiotics, read about them here . We initially used powdered probiotics for kids by a company named Culturelle. It contains one strain of good bacteria called Lactobacillus GG. We didn’t have much of a choice in the first supplement we decided to use because many other supplements contained traces of Gluten and Dairy. Culturelle is Dairy and Gluten free.

After 2 weeks of taking the Lactobacillus GG, JR’s Ige reading was cut in half and to date his allergist agrees that he’s 100% milk allergy free. Read about how Ige readings can still show positive results even when there’s no true allergy in this article from FoodAllergy.org . In fact, he’s no longer allergic to any fruits, veggies other than corn, soy, and most things with gluten. The probiotics have even helped alleviate JR’s seasonal allergies. He still has a slight reaction when eating a significant amount of corn, peanuts, and processed cranberries. I explain my theory on why the corn and peanut allergy haven’t completely gone away in the longer version of our story.

After the Culturelle worked, we also started giving JR the powder version of Primadophilus Children probiotics by Nature’s Way for ages 0 to 5yrs. It contains 7 strains of good bacteria with 5 Billion active cultures. The huge negative is that it contains traces of Milk and Soy. But good thing JR is no longer allergic to Milk and Soy.

Sum it up…

My name is Alicia. I’m not a doctor, allergist or anything of the sort. I don’t work for a probiotics company nor do I know of anyone who does. So, this site isn’t meant to give anyone medical advice. I’m simply a stay at home mom who wants to help others by sharing how I used (and am still using) probiotics to help rid my 2 yr old son of food allergies.